2020 / Passage

shortfilm, 15 minutes, 2k, dolby surround 5.1

Synopsis: Something has happened to the world. Two young women are trying to get the last ferry that could save them. One of them knows the way, the other knows where the ferry departs. They are heading to the coast with wilderness in front and fear between them. Only one of them will arrive.

PASSAGE was written and shot late 2019 just before Corona crisis started. The subject of the movie deals with fear on different layers. Our approach is to visualize our deepest emotions when we are confronted with a situation where everything is out of control. How do we behave? Whom do we trust? The context of PASSAGE changed drastically. The movie became more like a metaphor of our actual time where fear spreads all over the world and where all of us have to deal with existential questions.
The movie was shot on location deep in the german woods, on a military training ground and in an abandoned village. With a small team and a small budget we tried to generate a universal setting that takes our characters in a world that could take place everywhere in the wilderness of the world. We wanted to achieve a consistent natural environment that could stand as metaphor for a world where human beings are on the run, escaping from a terrifying situation and confronted with their innermost fears. Our approach was to visualise those fears and create sceneries that should transform emotions into moving pictures.

PASSAGE is an athmospherical statement about fear, trust and solidarity.


EVA - Gina Haller
MARIA - Anne Rietmeijer

director of photography - Moritz Mössinger
camera assistent - Laure Estival
sound recording - Marc Dauen
costume design - Josefine Unger
editing - Justin Koch
editing consultant - Karl Riedl
Sounddesign and mixing - Anders Wasserfall
music composer - André Feldhaus
Postproduktion - Harvest Digital Agriculture GmbH
Colorist - Dennis Wieck
Visual Effects - Mackevision Medien Design Gmbh
Visual Effects Producer - Tobias Lawrenz, Felix Niehoff
visual effects supervisor - Sebastian Hofmann
3D artists - Mano Büttner, Felix Barthel, Sebastian Hofmann
compositing supervisor - Daniel Beckmann
compositing artists - Daniel Beckmann, Bernhard Schröcker, Katharina Böttcher
assistant to the director - Leon Branko Colic
director - Justin Koch
screenplay - Justin Koch


Cine Complete GmbH - Andreas Hellmanzik
Forstamt Oerrel - Axel Neumann
Forstamt Doberan - Hartmut Pencz, André Köppen
Bundesforstbetrieb Lüneburger Heide - Matthias Maertens
Landesforsten Niedersachsen - Martina Cordes
Forstamt Unterlüß - Georg Deeken
Truppenübungsplatzkommandatur Munster
Sony Deutschland - Sebastian Leske, Jin Koide, Wilfried Orth
MBF Filmtechnik GmbH - James Wright, Michael Bentlage
724 Film - Hagen Schöne
Xinetix - Felix Storp
ProXauf - DIE AGENTUR - Katja Prei-Proxauf
Wefadetogrey GmbH - Swen Linde


ASPHALT FILM - Justin Koch

Supported by Filmbüro Bremen with funds from nordmedia - Film - und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH

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